Monthly Archives: September 2014

How I Remodel My Kitchen

Among those many unfinished remodels which I have taken upon whim this was the most interesting one. Because, I finally decided to finish it up. For almost two months after I paused my quirky project, the kitchen was lying all messy and cluttered. And it would have been like that , I believe, unless I fell in love with Carla’s kitchen, which she had designed herself over time. Throughout a whole week, I was obsessed with the porcelain tile floors, granite countertops, and those stone tile backsplash Read more [...]

What’s trending in bathroom remodels these days?

Though designers share widely differing opinions in this regard, it’s true that most of the homeowners in Canada are targeting their master bathroom for the renovation projects. But, remodels nowadays are more about increasing functionality. According to a study, 2014 Bathroom Trends Study, most of the bathroom renovation in Canada includes the simple upgrades of the fixtures and features so as to make the space functional from all aspects. So, here we will talk about some emerging trends that Read more [...]