Monthly Archives: January 2015

Plan your bathroom renovation

Renovation means planning especially when it comes to remodeling your bathroom because it calls for optimum use of a small space. Whenever you are intending to change the way your bathroom looks, you first need to go about proper planning for maximum utilization of resources that include your time and money. Here we give you a step wise guide that shall tell you how to start with planning for a bathroom renovation. Step 1: Choose your style Your bathroom is the ideal space where you are all Read more [...]

Adorn and equip your bathroom with accessories

Your bathroom is one of your most personal spaces in the house and you sure would like it to bear your personal stamp. There are certain bathroom basics that you cannot do without like a bath tub, toilet, sink, shower, etc. but you can certainly play around with the accessories like towel rails, shower curtains, faucets, towel hooks, mirrors, linen, etc. Here we share with you some ideas to accessorize your bathroom to make it an extension of your personality. Mirrors Mirrors are an indivisible Read more [...]

Handy Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

If you are planning for a bathroom renovation for any one or all of the bathrooms in your home, you might find these tips very useful before you undertake the project. Any kind of renovation requires immaculate planning followed by flawless execution. The tips mentioned below will help you create a customized plan by taking into consideration all aspects. Choice of fixtures Most bathrooms are small to medium sized making it important to make best use of the available space. Installing wall Read more [...]