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Pick the Right Color for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an essential part of every home. Like various other rooms and spaces, you need to invest thought, time and resource in planning and doing up this personal space. Designers say that the entire house is a reflection of personalities living in the house and so are the bathrooms. A house may have different toilets attached as well as ones for guests. For the ones that are attached either with the master or kids bedrooms, colors can be chosen depending upon personal choices. Here is how Read more [...]

How to Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget

With passage of time it is quite common for certain areas of your home scream attention. This could call for renovation or remodeling of the room. Kitchens and bathrooms are exposed to more usage, moisture, humidity, heat, etc. and are reasons why these rooms need repairs more often than not. Some homeowners also opt for renovations simply to get a new look and get rid of monotony. However, though reasons could be many, it may not be always possible to spend lavishly on renovations especially for Read more [...]