Are Ceramic Tiles Good for Your Home?

Ceramic tiles are a popular option for floors of homes. They form a hard surface and have several advantages. As a home owner if you are considering installing ceramic tiles in or more areas of your home, you ought to know whether they are suitable for your home or not. It also has certain attributes that make it more appropriate for certain areas of the home. Here are some advantages of ceramic tiles irrespective of where they are installed:

  • Water resistant: Ceramic tiles are water resistant and hence a very good floor option for bathrooms and wash areas that are more prone to humidity and moisture. These tiles are finished off with a special protective layer that prevents water from percolating within. However unglazed ceramic tiles will need a sealant or a sealing top coat to make them resistant to water. Consider them if you are planning a bathroom renovation.
  • Stain and scratch resistant: Owing to the special protective layer on ceramic tiles, they are also stain and scratch resistant. This makes them durable and long lasting in nature. In case of spills, which are the most common cause for stains, they can be easily mopped up and cleaned without any residues. Also other elements like dust, loose debris, pets, etc. do not affect the surface of these tiles.
  • Easy maintenance and repairsCeramic tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. It is very easy to wipe dirt, stain, spills without much effort and disinfect such tiles. Also one does not require any special cleaning agents or tools to maintain the look of these tiles. Regular maintenance can be done through simple sweeping or vacuuming. Since they are completely resistant to moisture, they can also be cleaned with water. These factors make them low on maintenance especially when they are installed in case of bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation.

    Apart from ease of maintenance they are also very easy to repair and replace. It is not uncommon for ceramic tiles to crack in case of which, only the damaged ones can be replaced instead of the entire floor. It is always a good idea to buy a few extra tiles at the time of installation to provide for such exigencies.

  • Variety in color and designs: Ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, designs and finishes that provide options for every kind of home irrespective of the interior décor. Consider them if you have a bathroom renovation coming up.
  • Cost effective: Ceramic tiles are extremely cost effective as compared to other flooring options which make them pocket friendly. Even people who are working on a tight budget can afford this highly durable flooring option for their home.

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