Common Reasons for Renovating the Basement

Basements are an integral and important part of every home. They are located down below under the house. But owing to their location they are more prone to damages of various kinds which if not taken care of can lead to serious problems in the long run. If you have a home that has an unfinished basement, then you ought to look for potent damages and renovate it as soon as possible. Structural faults often end up in different kinds of damage, some of which are listed below and are reason enough for a basement renovation.

  • Leakages: Water leakage in basements is perhaps the most common problem faced by most home owners. Ground water present underneath the earth’s surface exerts pressure on the walls of the basement. Also there could be a leaking pipe or appliance that makes its way into this underground space. This further leads to widening of cracks on the walls, promotes mold, causes staining resulting in a smelly basement.

    Most basements have windows that allow sunlight and fresh air into this otherwise closed underground space. But they are also a common source that allows leakages. Ill fitted windows with bad seals let water in. Such windows also cause air leakage leading to loss of heat or cold. Waterproof windows also work well in such spaces. Consider them in case of basement renovations.

  • Moisture and Humidity: Even if you are unable to spot any direct leakage of water, it is very common for basements to retain moisture and create humidity inside. You can make this out if you see condensed water droplets on glass, metallic or other organic surfaces like paper, cloth, paint, leather, wood, etc. Presence of moisture and high humidity levels cause mold and mildew, attracts germs and insects, cause things to rot giving rise to foul smells. These factors also lead to certain health conditions like headaches, asthma, other respiratory disorders, allergies, etc. Basement renovation is a good idea in this case.
  • Cracks in walls and floor: It is quite common for cracks to appear in the walls and floors of the basement. Some of these appear naturally over a period of time. But what happens is that these cracks start letting in water, widening over the years. This is a common occurrence due to extreme temperatures in winter that cause water to expand as it freezes creating pressure on walls.

    Walls also buckle owing to pressure exerted by the presence of ground water. Soil erosion underneath your home can also lead to cracks in the floor of the basement. Faulty construction is another major reason for these cracks. However, these problems need to be taken care of the moment they are detected to avoid serious damage.

These are some of the most common problems visible in basements. Though there are several other reasons for renovating a basement, these conditions need to be taken care of immediately.

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