Ottawa Flooring Service

Whether you are hosting a kitty party in your dining hall or performing yoga in the den, you will always need a comfortable and durable surface underfoot. Embracing the largest surface of your home, breathtaking floors also play the same role. Contributing a lot to the style and elegance of your home, new flooring not only infuses a fresh life to a shabby space, but also impacts your lifestyle to a great extent. At Kharmont Design and Build, we take special care to install floors that gracefully match with the theme and décor of any space.

Ours is a holistic approach and hence, we always focus to achieve a balance between your needs and the aesthetic requirements of your home. As an authorized Home Depot contractor, we take care of every detail, right from the scratch. Our mandate is to provide you with exotic floors that last for years.

Here’s a brief overview of the products in our inventory:

Hardwood Floors

A flawless representation of pristine charm and classic richness, hardwood floors replicate true elegance in every possible ways. Wood lasts for a lifetime and gains “character” with age. Installing a hardwood surface, enhances the look of your home, while adding another lease of life to the space simultaneously. Whether you prefer exotic varieties like Tigerwood or Teak, or the traditional woods, such as oak or maple, we bring you the finest range of products befitting your taste as well as budget.

Laminate Floors

Magnificent laminate floors bespeak the subtle décor couture. At Kharmont Design and Build, we bring you the finest designs that reflect your imagination while leading you to a cozy indulgence. Sturdy laminate floors resist scratching and moisture. As an affordable alternative to wood or tile, it’s the preferred choice in the households across Canada. Beautiful laminates flawlessly simulate everything from pine, oak, cedar, maple to marble, slate, including sea grass. Take your pick and let us do the rest.

Ceramic Tiles

The shine and gleam of a ceramic tile hardly needs any introduction. Spectacular ceramic floors instantly brightens up any space, be it a foyer, bathroom or your shabby kitchen. We design and build your kitchen and bathroom with beautiful floor-ceiling works in the most cost-effective manner. Whether you prefer the polish of marble, the rugged look of slate or the tranquil finish of glass, we bring you the finest range of classic ceramic tiles in every shapes, sizes and flavors.


Carpeting is one of the savvy strategies that lend comfort and style to any space. Offering a cushy underfoot, carpets add elegance, accent and panache to the overall theme of your home. We bring you an exotic range of carpets, with every colors and texture possible, so that you can find a solution that fits your bill.

At Kharmont Design and Build we strive to please your senses and hence we go ahead an extra mile to take care of your installation, repair and maintenance.