Pick the Right Color for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an essential part of every home. Like various other rooms and spaces, you need to invest thought, time and resource in planning and doing up this personal space. Designers say that the entire house is a reflection of personalities living in the house and so are the bathrooms. A house may have different toilets attached as well as ones for guests. For the ones that are attached either with the master or kids bedrooms, colors can be chosen depending upon personal choices. Here is how you can go about selecting the best color for your toilets.

  • The first step in choosing a shade for a bathroom renovation is by listing out your favorite colors and then narrowing it down to four or five.
  • After you have shortlisted the colors, check out how they will look in natural light as well as artificial overhead lighting. Test colors in both instances and find out which one looks best.
  • Choose a color that goes with the rest of the décor of the bathroom. Keep in mind the various fixtures and accessories that you have in this space. If you have cabinets, make sure that the color you select is in line with them. In fact, most toilets have tiles and you should first choose the tiles you wish to install and then choose the paint accordingly and not the other way round.
  • Think loud and hard about the mood you want in your bathroom. Do you expect it to be relaxing and calming or energizing or trendy or traditional and timeless? Whatever you choose should not be overwhelming because this is your most personal space where you unwind and prepare yourself for a long haul!
  • After you have finalized your color, make sure that you conduct a patch test during a bathroom renovation by painting a small area of the wall with the color and judge its impact. If it meets your expectations, go for it if not try out other colors.
  • You can have different colors for different bathrooms. Like you can go for cheery bright colors for kids washrooms and opt for something neutral in case of the one for guests. For your own toilet, you can go for pastels or any of your favorite colors.
  • Last but not the least, if you like to make changes often, then it is advisable not to go for very expensive paints and you can change it every few years. However, it is very important that you go for water and moisture resistant paint for bathrooms.

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