Ottawa Basement Renovation Service

Some of the most interesting parts of the house could be in the area that is partially or fully hidden from public view.
No it is not the bedroom. It is the basement we are talking about.

Most people mainly use these underground spaces in their homes to store knick knacks or home utility items and never really put the space to more creative or practical uses. But with the rising prices we recommend a basement renovation that would hike your real estate value in Ottawa and also add some usable space in your home.

Many times people sell their house and move away to bigger homes when they need some more space. But you don’t really need to, if you have a workable basement that provides utility and also increases your property value.

We offer you expert, workable solutions to transform your hoarding space to something more productive and useful, so even if you move away to greener pastures, you would have fetched a good amount for the home you sell.

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Basement Space Usage Tips

There are many things ways you can transform your basement, of which availability of space is the most important factor. Budget is also important, but with Kharmont Design and Build services, you could be assured of the best prices for expert solutions in Ottawa.

Some of the wonderful uses you can put your basement to, are:

  • Media Rooms
  • Games Room
  • Gym
  • Kitchen
  • Guestroom
  • Laundry Space

And some of the more innovative uses for your basement space would be:

  • Installing a ground pool for you to swim and maintain your fitness
  • Creating a home office space for some quiet and privacy
  • Turning it into a wine cellar
  • Transforming it into a basement apartment
  • Creating your own museum

Basements are open spaces that are often overlooked by homeowners. In action, they could be turned into anything you dream of, with the help of an expert.

Hire Us to Renovate your Basement. But Why Work With Us?

When you want the best, you should hire the best. And if it is basement renovation and remodeling, think Kharmont Design and Build. We have been doing the same for numerous clients and turning them into inspired spaces in Ottawa, and we think we do a great job of that. At least, that is what our satisfied customers tell us after every project we complete.

We help you create your dream basement with specialized services that you can count on. Your reasons to hire us:

  • On time completion of work
  • Constant consultation with client for any changes in plan
  • Expert consultation with expert designers
  • Practical pricing with different options on design plan of your choice
  • Project ideas to guide you in making optimum use of your basement space
  • Work undertaken by licensed professionals and expert workers
  • Checking for moisture or wiring issues before embarking on the project
  • Customized plans that are well balanced between utility and creativity
  • Compliance with area Building Permits

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Renovate with the Experts

Making use of the extra space and turning your basement into your dream space is a great idea when you entrust your project in the hands of experts. We prefer to keep you involved in every step starting from planning and ending with the completion of the entire project. This ensures you don’t get any surprises, and any minor change in the plan is communicated to you.

Create that extra space with our basement renovation services in Ottawa, and you can flaunt your basement like never before.