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Bathroom Renovations Ottawa

Bathroom Renovations OttawaA beautiful bathroom is the pride of your home. It is where you spend a relaxing time soaking yourself in the bath or take a quick relaxing shower before you head out for the day. Plumbing issues, mould and mildew kill your bathroom and definitely don’t make for a pretty sight when you are relaxing with a bubble bath.

Bathroom renovation is the best idea, if you are facing these issues:

  • Too many damp spots
  • Too much mold despite frequent cleaning
  • Plumbing problems that create sleepless nights
  • Shabby appliances, outdated style
  • Or if you are moving into a new home

Make Use of Our Experience in Bathroom Renovations

We guide you through your renovation plan

At Kharmont Design and Build, we have been renovating and remodeling bathrooms for numerous customers in Ottawa over the years. We understand bathroom renovation needs like no other. There have been times when customers have come to us with entire bathroom remodeling requests, which after careful scrutiny we found were not needed.

We take you through the entire plan and the practicality of the entire remodeling requirement and delve into the project once we have your go-ahead.

Keep the renovation budget in check

Sometimes the entire bathroom may not need renovation. There are certain areas that can be worked around to save you some bucks and some time as well. For example, the plumbing. If budgets are a constraint, you don’t need to move the plumbing. Changing the plumbing requires an entire upheaval of the existing system incurring costs to the customer.

Our goal is to give you a new, beautiful bathroom. Not delve deep into your savings.

Design a bathroom that takes your breath away

Bathroom Renovations OttawaA great bathroom is all about the perfect balance of functionality and design. It doesn’t make sense for you to have a traditional tub if you have trouble climbing into it. Walk-in tubs are the solution for people who have knee problems or are confined to the wheel chair.

Or if mold is the cause of your remodeling, we would advise you to paint your new bathroom with mold resistant paint. So that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your bathroom every few years.

We create beautiful bathrooms that last you for years to come.

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Get Started on your Bathroom Renovations with our Services based out in Ottawa

Our installation and renovation services cover:

Walls and Floors

Replacing old tiles with new ones often adds an instant curb appeal to a shabby bathroom. Take your pick from the wide array of materials, including granite, glass, stone, marble, slate, or ceramic tiles and our authorized professionals can transform your old bathroom into brand new.

Bathroom Appliances

Get rid of a dull, drab and rusty bathroom with our contemporary additions. We can professionally upgrade the look and feel of the space with a wide array of appliances, including showers, bathtub faucets, Jacuzzi, steam room, rain head shower, and much more. We design your bathroom in a way that relieve your stress and inspire relaxation.

Expert Design and Renovation Advice

When you work with the best, you get the best ideas and advice in the market. Our Ottawa based bathroom renovation designers are at the top of the design game and can help you lay out a plan for your new bathroom. They will sit with you and draw a plan that will create functionality without compromising on beauty. The plan is put into action with your approval.

Factors we consider are usability, requirement and of course your budget.

Shabby to Splendid design ideas

With Kharmont Design and Build, you will always have a bathroom that you have dreamed of. Contact us for 100s of exclusive designs for bathroom renovation and turn your existing bathroom to the one that you always longed for.

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