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Kitchen Renovations Ottawa

Are you renovating your kitchen for the first time? Or have you moved into a new home and want a fresh new kitchen before you start a fresh new life? You probably know in your head what you want, but chances are that you might be completely confused about how to go about the huge task of remodeling your entire kitchen.

Don’t worry. The kitchen renovation experts are here to take care of your needs, to listen to you, and to plan with you a kitchen that will last you for many, many years to come.

At Kharmont Design and Build, we build you kitchens that reflect timelessness and functionality, without eating into your savings.

Advantages of Hiring the Experts

  • One main advantage of hiring experts for kitchen renovations is that they know their work like no other. Kitchen renovation experts have designers and architects on their team, who can chalk out a plan for your remodelling work and facilitate a smooth renovation without hitches.
  • Kharmont Design and Build brings to you a wide array of designs that can be customized to suit your space and your style.
  • We bring you fresh new designs on kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances and countertop installations.
  • Kitchen Island ideas brought to you fresh from top designers. Spacing is very important for kitchen island installations. Our Ottawa-based kitchen renovation experts create convenient kitchen island installations keeping enough space for you to walk around your appliances conveniently.

We Understand Your Needs

The kitchen is where you gather at the beginning of the day and at the end of it to meet with your family members and share a meal. Some people also like entertaining few guests in the kitchen too, which makes it one of the most important parts of the house. A little bit of flourish, lots of convenience and a great deal of style should make your kitchen a centerpiece of the entire house.

We at Kharmont Design and Build have been leaders in renovating numerous kitchens, and providing satisfaction with our services across Ottawa over the years. To give the best you have to be the best. And we bring to you well-designed cabinetry, excellent flooring and superior appliances that serve both the purposes of functionality and flooring.

We Recommend

  • Stylish kitchens that are high on functionality
  • Appliances that serve your purpose, based on available space, stylistic requirements and budget
  • The best countertop designs high on style, low on price
  • Kitchen Island installations. These add more storage space and provide a cosy nook in the kitchen

Our Expert Kitchen Renovation Services in Ottawa:

Cabinet Remodeling

Kitchen Renovations OttawaFor kitchens that look dull and drab owing to chipped cabinet doors, we bring a wide array of cabinetry options that can add a curb appeal to it almost instantly. Cabinet remodeling is one of those savvy strategies that let you refurbish the look and feel of your kitchen while keeping within your budget. With countless designs, ranging from glass and paneled door on painted or stained wood to hardware, we add a sheer character to your existing kitchenette. Be it classically inspired or a contemporary design, you can go from tired to trendy in one simple renovation.

Appliance Installation

Kitchen Renovations OttawaKitchen renovation often implies to the mere installation of a sleek wall-mounted design or a sparkling range of new stainless utensils, hoods or refrigerators.

But we do more than mere renovation. We remodel.

Our licensed, authorized Ottawa based professionals help you beautify your kitchen with top-notch appliance installation that boosts your kitchen’s utility while adding a sheer accent to its overall decor.

Countertop Installation

Kitchen Renovations OttawaReplacing the countertops is a smart way to do away with a shabby kitchen in a budget-friendly manner. With a huge inventory of durable Corian, scratch-resistant, quartz-based Silestone, and elegant granite and laminates, kitchen renovation is no more difficult. With us, you can expect a kitchen that is a perfect eye-candy.

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