Stone Countertops – Natural or Artificial, Decide Which is Better!

iStock_000000095623_LargeIf you are planning to remodel your kitchen into an impressive one, you ought to lay maximum stress on the countertop that is majorly visible and attention grabbing. Your hob, cabinets, etc. are also important but your choice of a countertop can make or break your kitchen. If you have a good looking and attractive countertop then it helps a lot in concealing other inferiorities of the kitchen and if your countertop is flawed, then everything else however good goes completely unnoticed.

When it comes to choosing countertops for your kitchen you have a plethora of options to select from. You can get exactly that meets all your requirements right from aesthetics to utility. However, one of the basic choices that one has to make is opting for either natural material or man-made artificial material. The artificial ones also have natural substance as one of the constituents which are combined in layers with resin, polymer, etc. and are completely customized. The natural stones occur organically and are simply polished for finishing and installed without undergoing any other major processing.

Let us take a comparative view of both the options that will help you decide what is best for you.

These occur naturally. Some common ones that are used as countertops are marble, granite, quartz, etc.
Since they are natural, they are more expensive than the artificial ones and you ought to have a liberal budget to get your choice of stone.
This looks traditional and not very unique because the natural compositions are same without much difference in design.
In case of any damage, discoloration or cracks, they simply have to be replaced as repairs in most cases is not possible.
They add immense style and class to a kitchen with a rich natural look that easily conceals every other flaw in your kitchen.
Natural stones are very durable and can last a lifetime.

These are comparatively less expensive and suit every kind of budget.
They are layered and treated with various chemicals to create a natural look and hence more customizable to match the rest of the kitchen. This lends uniqueness and more contemporary in style.
Maintenance is more than natural stones and artificial ones are also more prone to damage.
If you are opting for artificial stones then you have to make sure that it matches the rest of the kitchen interior.

Options are countless when it comes to kitchen countertops. Though the budget remains the primary consideration, appearance and durability are also vital parameters while choosing a countertop.


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