Ways to Have a DRY Basement!

Every house has a basement and perhaps the most neglected space of the home. It is quite common for basements to be damaged on account of leakages and damp. A run down basement can prove damaging for your home in the long run. Dampness, high humidity, moisture, leaking pipes, etc. are some common issues that crop up in basements. Though it is ideal to look for damages and get them repaired as soon as possible, it is also a good idea to adopt means and ways to keep the basement dry and free from damp.

  • Ensure proper drainage of rain water: It is important that rain water drains out of your garden or external area of your home and does not accumulated. Accumulated water forms puddles that gradually seep into the soil and subsequently to the foundation of your home. For this you need proper rain gutters and drains that are slightly sloped downwards from your home. Also ensure that there is no debris in these passages to allow smooth outflow of rain water because these act as blockages and may prevent water from flowing out.
  • Check the seals of windows: Windows of basements are the most common source of water leakage. Check the seals of the window periodically to ascertain that they are in place so that external water cannot make its way in.
  • Install a de-humidifier: Installing a de-humidifier will help greatly in controlling the moisture levels in the basement. Though this is not a fool proof method and there could be humidity even after this, this is sure to bring down the moisture levels.
  • Repair cracks and other damages instantly: It is quite common for cracks to appear on the walls of the basement and floors, providing an inlet for water to seep in. If you happen to spot any such fault, you ought to get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damages.
  • Repair depressions near the foundation: Climatic changes can cause various natural elements to erode the soil near the foundation and form depressions. You need to inspect the area around your home at regular intervals and if you find any such depressed area, you ought to fill it up and bring it to the normal ground level. If not such depressions on the ground collect water which shall ultimately seep into your foundation and damage the basement of your home.

For all the above tasks, you need to hire specialists who are well trained and adept at dealing with such problems so that you have the apt solution to your problem.

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